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Ki's Bio

Ms. Lakia Jackson who also goes by Ki is a mother of two tweens, a full time employee at a Prominent Medical Office in Baltimore, family caregiver, a staple within her religious affiliation, and more importantly a busy boss for her budding Business; Bac2Basiks By Ki. Bac2Basiks is a large line of whipped body butters formulated to assist and restore dry skin complications for the entire family. She has a list of items to benefit the skin such as Summer Shimmer that can also repel bugs, bath milk and salt mixture for soaking, and even a diaper rash ointment for your precious baby's bottom. She is the Owner, Operator, Creative Director, shipping manager, visual artist, product photographer of Baltimore's Favorite Body Butter Business. Her accomplishments in the 16 months since the product launch are as follows: she has been listed at 8 pop up shops, 4 Podcast interviews, and 1 private spa contract. Ki is passionate about carefully caring for skin of all kinds. She has a developing interest in aging better from the inside out with herbal assistance. She has dreams to enter other avenues of entrepreneurship while presently working on 2. Until Bac2Basiks gains its wings of self sufficiency, B2B will primarily be her focus. In her free time, Ki enjoys reading (mostly the bible) and some other interesting books, learning more about her craft in whipped butter and natural home spa products, power naps, any time with her children, and most of all personal time with all her friends and family that she holds near and dear to her heart.

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